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Welcome to Hemp State CBD! Our mission is providing the highest quality full spectrum CBD. We pride ourselves with the title of the hemp state! We want to share a part of our history as well as the healing properties of this ancient medicine. It is our privilege to uphold transparency standards and guidelines for safety and consistency.

Kentucky HempKentucky: The Hemp State

Kentucky is the original Hemp state. In fact, the first crop was grown in 1775! Everything Hemp State CBD offers is sourced from Kentucky Hemp. Kentucky’s ecology is perfect for hemp making it the #1 choice for cannasseurs!

CBD for Pain

Hemp Derived Cannabidiol or CBD

We offer Full Spectrum CBD derived from beautiful Kentucky grown Hemp! Cannabis Sativa L. bred to harness invaluable phytocannabinoids essential to the “Entourage Effect”

CBD for Stress


CBD is a remarkable compound found in Cannabis. Adding CBD into your daily lifestyle has tremendous proven health benefits. Activate your endocannabinoid system and return to homeostasis with the “Hemp State of Mind.”

“The biggest killer on the planet is stress and I still think the best medicine is and always has been cannabis” – Willie Nelson

A Little About CBD

Hemp State CBD

Adding CBD to your daily routine will boost your body’s very own cannabinoid system! That’s right, you have an endogenous cannabinoid system with CB1 and CB2 receptors. That just scratches the surface of CBD’s actions on the body!

Your body synthesizes its own cannabinoids. It also uses enzymes and transport proteins to regulate this entire system. Your body’s “default” cannabinoid is called Anandamide. Along with this, enzymes and transport proteins are responsible for regulating and balancing you!

CBD affects the endocannabinoid system both directly and indirectly – by modifying the activity of the system’s enzymes and transport proteins, and thus – the concentration of anandamide – the “default” endocannabinoid.

There is a lot of complexity and much more too learn about these mechanisms. Not only the endocannbinoid system is affected but other bodily systems as well. This means there is a broad spectrum of benefits! There is more than one type of receptor CBD can bind too. The molecules tend to seek more than one molecular partner.


This tends to be the case at higher doses though. It has proven impactful on a diverse group of systems . The Vanilloid, Adenosine, Dopamine, and Opioid systems. Also, maybe most importantly the Serotonin System. At higher doses it starts to bind to these receptors.

Further studies have shown that CBD can in fact be regarded as a moderate 5HT1A receptor agonist (Serotonin receptor stimulant) and it is exactly this receptor that is associated with anxiety, addiction, appetite, sleep, pain and nausea. Anandamide – the native endocannabinoid produced by the body – is also an agonist of this important receptor. CBD acts on other serotonin receptors beneficially as well.

Taking into account the role CBD plays in enhancing anandamide’s presence in the synapses, one can safely claim that the effect of cannabidiol at the 5HT1A receptor is quite promiscuous. Interestingly CBDA is a stronger agonist of this receptor. Which brings attention to the importance of full spectrum extracts! A whole plant extract will surely give you the best that Mother Nature has to offer!

If you made it through this with a better understanding than before that’s great!!! CBD has miraculous abilities, we encourage you to do research of your own. You will surely find substantial information and countless testimonials. Hemp State CBD is your source for the highest quality oil on the market! Sourced and processed in Kentucky. Why choose us? Click here to learn why Hemp State CBD is the cannasseurs choice!